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PDF: Fully Accessible (Portable Document Format: Fully Accessible)

AIM-VA’s PDF:Fully Accessible file is a PDF that was converted directly from a structured WORD document. These documents look exactly like Word documents and are annotatable, readable by text-to-speech software, and are optimized by adding additional accessibility features to the file, like “tags”. A tag contains information such as header locations, hyperlinks, and alternative text descriptions for graphics. PDF:Fully Accessible files can be opened using a wide variety of programs on computer, tablet and other mobile devices.

Accessibility Features

  • Compatible with text-to-speech programs
  • Includes content related graphics, programmed with alternate text descriptions
  • Alternate text can be read aloud using text-to-speech programs
  • Font style matches the original text (i.e. bold, italics, underline)
  • Page numbers correspond to the page numbers of the printed text
  • Footnotes are positioned within text to provide greater understanding of content
  • Text is “Reflowable”, optimizing it to fit the page regardless of font size
  • Most PDF readers will have a series of additional beneficial features such as:
    • Highlights text as it is read for improved comprehension
    • Contains note taking features like in text highlighting and commenting
    • Bookmarking and electronic navigation

Works With: