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ePub (Electronic Publications)

The ePub format is widely used and supported on most e-readers and compatible software/apps for computers, tablets and smartphones. An ePub file provides synchronized text and audio (digital or human voice) that is navigable, reflowable, and can be displayed on any size screen without distortion. It is based on Web Standards so it is packaged such that it is distributed in a single-file format.

Accessibility Features

  • Text and audio synchronization
  • Reflowable text that is optimized to fit the page regardless of font size
  • Readable on computers as well as many mobile devices
  • Built in bookmarks and electronic navigation; often through a “Table of Contents”
  • ePubs created by AIM-VA are available on the student’s bookshelf, can be streamed online and read aloud using Streamit!

Works With:

  • AIM-VA's Stream-It!
  • Most hardware (included, but are not limited to; iPad, iPhone, Android, Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader, Windows Phone, PC and Mac OSX systems)
  • Common e-readers such as Kurzweil 3000, iBooks, Google Books, and Readium