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SPED Songbird's Ode To IEPs Is Highlight of IEP Resources for Staff, Parents

Songbird Cynthia Holmes is a staffing specialist at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. Her rich voice captures the reality of a SPED teacher's life—forever crafting individualized education plans (IEPs). This is a Holmes original score based on Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams." Cline was a celebrated county singer who was born in Winchester, Va. She had a difficult life that ended at age 30 in a plane crash.

The captioned video was prepared for a talent show held for participants at a 2012 educational conference. Hear the original "Sweet Dreams" by Pasty Cline here

Note: Thanks to the Described And Captioned Media Program that pubished to video in the July onlne newsletter, along with accessible resources about IEPs to use with i staff and parents. 

Accessible Resources:
DCMP Video: 
Inclusion, IEP & Special Needs Laws, explains basics with over a dozen accessible IEP resources, which include a demonstration for interpreters on how to interpret vocabulary and emotional content commonly expressed by parents. 

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