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10 Videos Reveal The Realities of People Who Cope With Dyslexia in Different Ways

Point of View Videos About Dyslexia: There is no single road to accepting dyslexia. Some view it as a disability. Others say it can be a gift. Coping strategies that enable learners to overcome or to bypass dyslexia are as diverse as the individuals who have this diagnosis. View their interesting stories.  

  • Rose Kuntz, children’s author, (5.5 min): The Utterly Amazing World of Dyslexia, a visual story based on the book Mommy Why Is It So Hard for Me To Read?
  • Henry Winkler, actor, director, producer, author: You Don’t Outgrow Dyslexia (3:55 min.): Winkler describes personal strategies and coping skills.
  • Scott Sonnon, top trainer and martial artist: How We Suppress Genius and Create Learning Disabilities, (15:44): Nothing less than frank talk about severe dyslexia and his hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.
  • Accomplished creatives and professionals together, (3.0 min): Conference on Dyslexia and Talent Preview  with brief insights from a MacArthur Genius award winner, Pulitzer-prize winning poet, CEOs, artists, doctors, lawyers, and leaders at meeting hosted by non-profit charity Dyslexia Advantage.
  • David Boies and Quinn Bradley Talk Dyslexia (5:49 min.)  Quinn Bradlee interviews Boies about coping with dyslexia in law school and as a prominent lawyer. Advice has nothing to do with technology or human readers. Instead, he advocates patience. 
  • Students, adults, and experts are interviewed in this HBO movie trailer, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia (1.0 min.). It depicts dyslexia is an obstacle to learning but with a positive side. The film occasionally airs on TV and also is available for rent or purchase along with an educator’s guide. Also view

Students diagnosed with dyslexia are eligible for AIM-VA services. Teachers who think a child needs acessible instructional materials can take the AIM-eligiblity quiz and learn more by following links on the AIM-VA homepage